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New role for university lecturer


Colonel David Bates, who leads University of Cumbria’s postgraduate programmes in disaster, crisis and humanitarian response, has been admitted to the Court of The Company of Nurses (City of London). 

David has been a member of the Company’s Education and Professional Development Committee for the last four years. He has now been appointed as a Court Assistant and will take over as Chair of the committee at the end of the year. 

The Guild of Nurses, of which David was a Foundation Freeman, was granted formal recognition to become a Company by the City of London’s Court of Aldermen. The announcement in May came as the profession celebrated International Nurses’ Day and the 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth.  

It is the second stage to becoming a fully-fledged Livery Company - The Worshipful Company of Nurses – and will allow the organisation to further its objects which are: 

  • to promote and uphold the nursing profession, its standards of excellence and integrity;  

  • to raise public awareness of the nursing profession;  

  • to encourage and support the advancement of education and personal development within the nursing profession;  

  • to promote, administer, and contribute to the Company of Nurses Charitable Trust;  

  • to provide for the meeting in fellowship of those who join the Company;  

  • to maintain the traditions of the City of London and support the Lord Mayor and the Aldermen. 

The Company’s Education and Professional Development Committee organises at least three continuing professional development events each year and is setting up a coaching and mentoring scheme for its Apprentices (student nurses) and Freemen.  

David said: “I’m honoured to have been appointed as a Court Assistant and will be continuing to serve on the Education and Professional Development Committee of The Company of Nurses. It has been a significant year for the profession and the Company itself and, as we look to the future, I know that we will continue to build on our achievements, supporting those who choose to enter and those who serve within the profession.” 

Prior to his role at University of Cumbria’s respected Institute of Health, David was the Army’s most senior nurse. Serving in the British Army for 35 years, David was latterly its Director of Army Nursing Services.  

His roles build upon his experience of holistic nursing in trauma and intensive care settings, which shaped David himself to become an advocate of the public’s health initially through military force health protection and latterly through working with vulnerable communities across the world. 

A holder of various operational and charitable roles, David has also been the recipient of numerous awards in recognition of his inspirational leadership and significant contribution to nursing including being awarded the Associate of the Royal Red Cross (ARRC) by Her Majesty The Queen.   

Ian Corrie, principal lecturer, said: “David’s appointment demonstrates the hard work that he has put into his external engagement and personal development as a member of staff in the Institute of Health.  David deserves to be recognised for his expertise, knowledge and experience and this is a fitting way for it.    

Further information about David can be found here


Colonel David Bates, lecturer, Institute of Health, University of Cumbria 


Ian Corrie, principal lecturer, Institute of Health, University of Cumbria