Countryfile 1

Students are in focus as special edition of BBC Countryfile comes to Cumbria


Wildlife media students from the University of Cumbria are to feature in a special edition of the BBC’s Countryfile TV programme.

The popular farming and countryside show which regularly attracts millions of viewers is about to celebrate its’ 30 anniversary.

Presenter Ellie Harrison interviewed students and lecturer Cain Scrimgeour at the Cumbria Wildlife Trust’s reserve at Foulshaw Moss in south Cumbria.

“The BBC were keen to hear from students about new technology and how using drones and the images collected by these along other technology really helps inspire film-makers and conservationists,” Cain said. “We had a great day with the BBC team who really inspired our students.”

The TV programme is due to be broadcast on July 22 on BBC 1.

“We’re delighted to be asked to contribute to the programme and to have our students appear on such a prestigious edition,” Michael Mitchell, principal lecturer in media arts, said.

The news comes just weeks after wildlife media students were filmed recording wildlife around the Farne Islands.

Pictured:  Wildlife media students at the Foulshaw Moss nature reserve. (L-R) Emily Lake, Nathan Buckley, Michael Braddock, Paul Bacon, Daniel Skelton, Scott McKeown, Charlie Spooner and James Hughes. 

Pictured: Students Emily Lake and Laquane Johnson were interviewed about the challenges of filming wildlife.

Presenter: Ellie Harrison and crew were keen to listen to students as they discussed how new technology helps inspire naturalists.

Pictured: Students Emily Lake and Laquane Johnson.

Pictured:  Student Charlie Spooner filmed by BBC Countryfile.