Success for Cumbria’s university students at D&AD New Blood 2020


Three new University of Cumbria graduates are celebrating after scooping accolades in a series of influential industry awards that recognise young and emerging creative talent. 

Graphic design graduates Tim Stewart and Jacob Towle are among the winners of the 2020 New Blood Awards, impressing a distinguished jury of design and advertising industry figures with their multimedia campaign for technology giant Intel. 

Making it onto the shortlist of ‘Put Intel at the heart of the PC purchase’ winners, Tim and Nottingham-based Jacob have won a coveted New Blood Wood Pencil. 

Using props such as an old clock, toys and a tin of soup purchased for less than £10, their ‘Why Would You Buy Without Intel?’ campaign uses striking images and everyday examples to illustrate to those with less technical knowledge why it is important to have an Intel processor in a laptop or computer to ensure it works efficiently. Statements include ‘you wouldn’t buy a clock without hands’ and ‘you wouldn’t have soup without a bowl’ to inform consumers. 

Tim, from Wigan, said: “Having such a win really validates your work, particularly when you know a jury of industry figures have chosen the shortlist. It certainly makes us more confident; this is like a seal of approval. I want to go far, work for the best in the industry. I’m sure this will help.” 

The pair praise University of Cumbria for support from tutors and technicians and believe their success is down in part to the variety and access to workshops, studios, equipment and facilities at its dedicated arts campus in Carlisle. 

“We’ve both got a lot from our small class sizes and the facilities on campus,” said Jacob. 

“It means we’ve had good amounts of time with, access to and feedback from our tutors throughout our degree. They’ve been tremendously supportive as have the technicians in the studios and workshops. Simply having so much access to facilities, all close by, has been beneficial for us.” 

Meanwhile BA (Hons) Illustration graduate Ed Merlin Murray features among D&AD New Blood Festival’s 2020 ‘Ones to Watch’. 

Ed’s creativity features in a special selection of students’ work chosen by a 45-strong jury to showcase some of the emerging talent across graphic and communication design, advertising, illustration and animation. 

Recognition comes as Ed sees his new book CHAOS/PATTERN published by Unseen Sketchbooks this summer.

Ed, Jacob and Tim are among 120 creative talents to complete their degrees at University of Cumbria’s Institute of the Arts this year and a special website has created their first digital showcase. 

Colette Conroy, director of the Institute of the Arts at University of Cumbria, said: “D&AD is the design industry’s professional body and to be recognised in its New Blood Awards is a fantastic achievement and exposure for students seeking opportunities to kickstart their careers. With nearly 3,000 entries from 60 countries in 2020, achieved during an unprecedented time globally as well as for the industry, this is a Wood Pencil win that Tim and Jacob can truly be proud of.  

“Everyone at our Institute of the Arts is also delighted for Ed who has been recognised as a ‘One to Watch’ in the New Blood Festival.  

“All three new graduates are shining examples of the talent and opportunities nurtured and developed at University of Cumbria through our personal, progressive and passionate approach and it is great that they’re able to line up alongside their peers for 2020Vision, our first digital degree showcase.” 

Whether you still need to apply, are looking for a course, have changed your mind about the course you’ve chosen or are looking for a career change, the university’s Clearing hotline is now open. The Clearing hotline is available by calling 0808 178 733 and online at

Picture: Image of Tim Stewart and Jacob Towle’s Intel multimedia campaign, winner of a D&AD New Blood Wood Pencil 2020 

Picture: Digital mock-up of a social media page, part of Tim Stewart and Jacob Towle’s Intel multimedia campaign, winner of a D&AD New Blood Wood Pencil 2020 

Picture: l-r - University of Cumbria graphic design graduates Tim Stewart and Jacob Towle who have won a D&AD New Blood Wood Pencil for their multimedia campaign for Intel 

Picture: D&AD New Blood ‘One to Watch’ and University of Cumbria illustration graduate Ed Merlin Murray at work in his studio 


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