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University of Cumbria reassures students contemplating Clearing

Clearing, the annual process that sees students matched with available university places, starts in earnest this week as A-level results are revealed on Thursday.  

A specialist team are on hand to answer queries on the university’s Clearing hotline – 0808 178 7373 - which is open now or online at:  

Academic lecturers play a vital part of the Clearing advisory team discussing the application process, entry requirements, course details and any other queries from those seeking information and support. 

This year there are places on a variety of courses, including: Nursing (Adult, Children's, Mental Health and Learning Disabilities), Occupational Therapy, Business Accounting and Finance, Business Management with Marketing, Graphic Design, Outdoor Studies, and Psychology and Psychological Therapies, to name a few. 

Many of its degree programmes include an option for students to do an integrated foundation year, which is suitable for those who do not meet the entry requirements or did not take the right qualifications for the career they want. 

Clearing can be extremely anxious time for some students, so the university has created this handy podcast to guide them through the process.  

It features university clearing experts Sharon Blaylock, Admissions Manager, who is overseeing her 24th clearing, and Matthew Rayson, Student Recruitment Engagement Manager.  

In the podcast they discuss the practicalities of what Clearing is, who it is for and what students will need when they contact the university. 

Sharon Blaylock (pictured) said: “Clearing is for anyone who didn’t get the grades they hoped for, or they did better than expected and want to upgrade their course or university. 

Sharon Blaylock August 2019

“It’s also for those that have changed their minds or who have never considered applying to university before.  

“Whatever the reason, the University of Cumbria is here to support individuals all the way through Clearing process to registration.” 

Rather than being a scary process, Sharon and Matthew want students to know that Clearing gives students back control to choose what they want to do and where they want to go, once they get their results. 

Student Recruitment Engagement Manager, Matthew Rayson (pictured) said, “The initial phone call can seem daunting at first, but we are a friendly team of knowledgeable staff and we are here to support and offer as much advice as possible to get students to where they want to be. 

Matthew Rayson

“We won’t be interviewing or asking any trick questions over the phone.  

“The only information we need to help students apply for a place through Clearing is their full name, email address and qualifications.” 

Once an application and offer is made, the university strongly encourages applicants to visit the university to get a feel for what it is like and to meet their lecturers.  

In person open days are being held at Carlisle, Lancaster and Ambleside campuses on Saturday 20 August.  A second virtual open day for all campuses, including London, takes place on Wednesday 24 August. 

Some of the most common concerns voiced by students is anxiety about meeting the offer they have or not getting the course they want. This video outlines five essential things to know about Clearing:

Want more information and advice about university applications through Clearing? Call the University of Cumbria Clearing hotline 0808 178 7373 or visit

This news comes as the university announced major investment in the form of two new campuses for Cumbria. The Citadel campus in Carlisle, which received planning permission earlier this month, and a campus, forming part of the Barrow Learning Quarter, which is being considered for planning currently. Both campuses aim to provide more opportunities for education and skills development in the county. 


Notes to editors

Media interviews: 

Matthew and Sharon will be available for interview during Clearing week. A hybrid call centre will be based at the Fusehill Street campus in Carlisle, and will be accessible to media for interviews on Thursday 18 August.  

To arrange an interview contact the media team on: or call 01228 279360. 


Clearing webpage: 

Video: Five essential things about clearing:  


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