Dr Neil Hudson MP

Dr Neil Hudson MP, Penrith, and The Borders

Fulfilling our mission: Supporting People, Place & Communities

The University of Cumbria is an incredible people-oriented institution that plays a vital role in improving educational access for communities across our rural county. From policing and conservation to creative writing and business, the breadth of courses available is tremendous and focuses on the close links the university has fostered with local firms and the wider needs of the economy and society. I’m particularly excited to welcome the approval of the Cumbria School of Medicine which will not only provide world-class training to vital health professionals but also improve recruitment and retention locally, boost our economy and develop research programmes to address Cumbria’s unique healthcare challenges. I’ve seen the brilliant work the University of Cumbria is doing to transform lives and livelihoods; and so, with an even more ambitious Towards 2030 plan, I look forward to seeing the positive impact the university will make on the communities it serves.