Inspira 2

Mark Bowman, Chief Executive, Inspira

Partners and Partnership Working

Inspira is a long-established regional charity, operating in Cumbria and Lancashire.  We provide careers and employability related programmes to all ages, with a specific focus on those who need the most support.  We have a long-standing relationship with University of Cumbria, who since its inception in 2007 have been involved at Board / Trustee level with Inspira.

The University of Cumbria is:

  • Visible and influential in strategic partnership, playing a key role in regional development
  • A crucial provider of both education and employment opportunities in the region
  • Visible in local events, supporting communities and smaller organisations
  • A key partner for Inspira in raising aspirations and supporting careers related events in schools and community settings
  • A practical partner for Inspira, we have utilised student accommodation in Cumbia and Lancashire to provide programmes in the summer months such as National Careers Service

As a long-standing provider of careers employability programmes in the region, the role the University of Cumbria plays crucial to the continued growth of the region.